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Got a new bike a few weeks ago. She's a beautiful yellow 2001 Ducati 748 (pic after the cut). I've wanted a 916-based bike since I first laid eyes on one, and now I have one. And those of you who know what happened to my first Ducati will be happy to know that I picked up a pair of leather Alpinestars pants and some Icon kevlar-lined jeans so I can avoid another two months in a splint and needing to ask foobiwan to drive me to physical therapy appointments.

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IT sucks

I started to write a well-thought-out rant about why the US IT talent pool is shrinking, but I don't have the energy.

My office doesn't have enough personnel, which means that many of us fulfill a number of technical roles here. This is good for providing variety and new challenges, but bad for the work hours. I'm at work today, I was at work last night, and I will be at work probably every day until our platform release in early May. I am not being paid extra for this, which means that every minute I'm here ticks down my average hourly pay closer and closer to what I was making as a music store salesman in high school.

The development part of the job is okay - the deadlines are longer-term, so you can come in, work on stuff for 10 hours, go home, and pick it up again in the morning. But when a server goes down, it's my problem too, since I wear both dev and IT hats for the DB team. IT sucks, and I'm convinced that the only people who keep working in this field are people who

a) get paid for on-call and overtime
b) slack off enough to counteract the crappy pay and schedule (exhibit: certain current and former members of the team here)
c) don't have any other skills

Personally, I'm looking for another job. For now, probably with a hedge fund that will pay me twice as much to do the same thing. After that, either something entreprenurial which I will enjoy or else something in finance which will pay me ridiculous amounts of money to compensate me for my lack of a life.
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reverse outsourcing

call it insourcing?

we just hired China's National Champion in the 100m backstroke as a DBA. in NYC, not China.
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love those red states

foobiwan, how is it that you love the red states so much when their denizens build towns right there in your state that seem antithetical to everything you stand for? no porn and no abortions... if they banned motorcycles and coed joggers, it would be your personal hell.

and i know you're not going to swear off those wackos as not being your wackos, because your wonderful governor embraced them, and we all know that only democrats fail to disavow the extremist elements of their party.
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here's a little quiz. people stealing your $50 signs? do you...

a) hire 100 more cops to vigilantly guard said signs
b) replace the signs every time they get stolen, ad infinitum
c) give up
d) sell the signs to would-be thieves for $90 instead, make a profit
e) cut off the hands of the thieves

match these governments to their probable reaction (no fair clicking on the link ahead of time)

1. Iran
2. UK
3. The Netherlands
4. USA
5. France
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Ducati is heating it up in MotoGP testing. Who thinks Sete and Loris can stay ahead of Valentino when the race is on the line? And has anyone else noticed that Edwards seems to be the bulldog to the Ducati mailmen?
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So with the time of Wall St. bonuses fast approaching, I've started the search for a new bike. I've had my heart set on a Ducati 916 descendant (748, 996, 998) since the first time I saw one, but now that I've got the means, I'm second-guessing myself. There are now 3 possibilities:

1) '01-'02 748s / '00-'02 996 monoposto (pic)

This is the bike I've always wanted. The difference between the two isn't that important, since I'm not delusional enough to think that I'll hit the edge of the 748's performance envelope any time soon. What I want are the 5-spoke Marchesinis, yellow body, white tail. Mmmmm...

2) same bike, biposto (pic)

The only problem with the above bike is that it only seats me. Which removes the fun of taking girls out to blast up some NY twisties (or rolling up to a bar, going to the beach, etc.)

But the all-yellow tail just doesn't do it for me the same way.

3) ratbike (pic, pic, pic, ratbike.org)

Or I could spend less money, pick up a salvaged japanese sport bike, spray it rattle-can black, and have a bike that looks like shit, but that will be easier to maintain, can carry a passenger, can get knocked around by cabs with impunity, and won't make me crazy if it gets stolen.

I'm torn. Any suggestions?
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back to cali

...but just to visit.

i've been signed up for college recruiting for my office, and i'm pioneering our west coast recruitment effort at Cal and Sssstanford. so i'll be in the Bay Area from Mar. 2nd - 6th, and i shouldn't have anything to do that weekend. who's throwing the party?

and tony, can i borrow the mille that weekend? :)
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A few pointers

There seem to be a lot of tourists in NYC this week, what with New Year's coming up and all the kiddies off school. I realize that some of you may be having a little trouble with New York, so here's a list of helpful tips for you.

  • New Yorkers walk on the right. This allows us to maintain a flow of traffic in both directions even on those narrow subway steps. If you are walking on the left, do not be surprised when the New Yorker coming up the stairs does not pause at the bottom, but instead walks directly over top of you. It's nothing personal; if he didn't, the New Yorkers behind him would walk over top of him.

  • There are no bathrooms in the subway. Maybe in Times Square somewhere, but trust me, you don't want to use them anyway. Don't ask me where the bathroom is in the 28th St. station. Look left. Look right. That long strip of concrete next to the tracks that we're standing on? That's the whole station. If you gotta go that bad, do me a favor and piss on the third rail.

  • Addendum to the first point: don't take up the whole sidewalk. The sidewalk has to hold a lot of people, going different directions at different speeds. The fact that you have 8 kids does not entitle you to take up the entire sidewalk, especially while walking slowly enough to gawk at every building taller than 3 stories. I will attempt to go around your sidewalk-occupying herd, but other people may not, so you may want to keep a leash on your kids if you don't want them to wind up as hood ornaments on yellow Crown Vics.

  • Cabs don't stop.

  • You may be here on vacation, but New Yorkers are not. Several of us have jobs to get to. If you happen to be riding the subway between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM and you do things like stand directly in front of the doors as they open, or block up 3 of the 4 turnstiles between you and your kids, or park your double-wide stroller in front of the doors nearest to the exit at the Wall St. stop, try not to be surprised when things don't go well for you.

This has been a public service announcement. I feel much better now.
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